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Why choose us

Apart from having both English and Chinese speaking staff and offering the lowest rates around, whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism, we also believe that in today’s world of technology, you should be able to access information about your properties in seconds.

We therefore provide both a fully interactive website which also works on mobiles, which is 100% secure, and holds the information on properties that you own, including the purchase price and year on year value increase, the current rental value, as well as information on your tenants. 

We are also able to upload important documents to your online account including rental agreements, invoices for works done as well as putting reminders in place where required, like rent reviews. This information is always available in both Chinese and English and updated regularly, and best of all, it is included within the 8% property management fee.

We also have information sheets on our website to keep you informed of up to date developments and factsheets on property acquisition for those that are new to this type of investment.